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Adjustable Cloth,health underwear


Textile Clothing



Moisture absorption and Sweat discharge: Apply hi-tech nano know-how to have natural tourmaline, which is functioned with anion, combined with fiber to allow producing energized anion from fiber that benefits the dry and comfort of moisture absorption and sweat discharge. · Warmth keeping: Utilize hi-tech nano know-how to incorporate far infrared skill with fiber to allow it releasing far infrared for attaining the effect of heat accumulation and warmth keeping. · · Special cutting: One complete shape features with great wrap over buttocks, 20% resilient fiber is quality tender, soft and fit to the skin that is capable of lightening body burden for maintaining perfect body shape.

Flexibility Far Infrared Protection

Manufacturer's Description

1. If you are professional ready-made garments plants or fabric workshops, you may ask your ready-made garments/cloth dealer to buy yarns from us.


2. If you like to develop antiseptic functional fabric: Please ask textile mill buying our yarns, and we can also introduce our cooperative cloth plants for your reference.


3. If you want to elaborate functional finished goods:

Accessories ( waistguard, wristlet, and elbow pads, etc); bedding (Warming antiseptic blanket/bedquilt/coverlet/pillowcase)

Functional socks; briefs (panties & square pants); underwear (bra & bodysuit, adjustable underwear); baby fabric (rag doll/ antiallergic fabric/dressing). Meanwhile, we are also a professional entrusted and coordinative OEM


(If samples and finished products are required: The customer has to pay off sample charge and freight; the foresaid fees will be refunded if official or try order is placed)