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NASCO Sanjivani


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Fixes atmospheric nitrogen and make it available to the plants. Complex form of phosphorous converted to soluble form of phosphorous. Potash mobilising bacteria mobilize and uptake potash in the soil. Improve the soils and plants physiology and metabolic activity of plants. It converts non available forms of some tightly bonded micro nutrients in to available forms. Other benefits: Decrease the hardness of soil; increase the porosity of soil and the water holding capacity of soil. Soil becomes live by increase the loading of microbes. Restore the resistant power and immunity in soil root zone area. Develop the soil microbe’s flora and fauna. Change the soil attitude and maintain the pH value reasonably. Decompose the agriculture botanical waste.

Nutritional Plant Growth Acceleration Root Activity Improvement Root Vigor Improvement

Manufacturer's Description

What is Nasco Sanjivani
Nasco sanjivani is a bio-fertilizer based on consortia of the selective strains of nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Azotobacter), Phosphate solubilising bacteria and Potash mobilising bacteria. This is available in Lyophilized powder form (Min.1x107 bacterial cells/gm.) formulation.
Mode of Action
Nasco Sanjivani is able to synthesize/assimilate atmospheric nitrogen, solubilises phosphate and Potash into available form, thereby providing balanced nutrition to the crops. It converts non available form of micro nutrient into available form.